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Take a look at our mobile & tablet app in action here:

COVID-19 has forced us to rethink the way we fundamentally operate. Fingerprint-based time attendance systems are a thing of the past.

Contactless, hygienic methods of interaction are the need of the hour.

Securtime has always been one step ahead in offering cutting edge attendance systems for our customers.

Our cloud-based time attendance and workforce management systems have facial recognition biometrics. Our systems are secure, reliable and can be integrated onto your current HRMS/payroll/ ERP systems without additional load on your current infrastructure.

Our on-premise systems are equipped with thermal scanning, temperature detection and mask detection capabilities.

Our mobile/tablet app allows your workforce to login from anywhere, anytime

Enhanced with facial recognition capabilities for easy login

Prevent buddy punching with accurate login info

Geo-tagging capabilities to verify employee location

Geo-fencing to ensure employee is in their specified location