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The leading time and attendance system for effortless workforce management
A single view on time, attendance, leave, overtime and scheduling. Significantly reduce overheads, improve security and maximise your payroll efficiency.
A single, accurate, real-time view of employees

SecurTime provides a single, accurate, real-time view of attendance, performance, productivity, cost and compliance of your workforce.

  • Get better visibility into your distributed workforce
  • Track employee attendance real-time
  • Stop time leakage, time fraud and ghost employees
  • Improve security
Simple and effortless workforce management

SecurTime provides better visibility and transparency into your workforce, real time. Better manage your teams, improve your productivity and reduce your costs.

  • Accurate, secure, real-time attendance, absence and leave data direct to payroll
  • Manage 24×7 schedules, absences, productivity, overtime and analytics across vast, distributed locations
  • Improve shift scheduling with shift cut-off, shift rotation and on-call tracking
Easy, out-of-the-box integration with ERP, HR and payroll

Data directly feeds into your HR and payroll systems, reducing errors, admin overhead and simplifying your payroll process. We can show you how.

All your employee information on a single platform

Attendance Management

Transparent, end-to-end productivity data of all employees

Shift scheduling

Create unlimited shift schedules and easily upload and publish shift rosters

Leave Management

Apply and approve leaves on-the-go, define leave and workflow policies for different employee groups

Overtime Management

Change work hours and create overtime policies for specific employee groups


Capture accurate time tracking data against clients, projects, and activities

Role-based dashboards

Different dashboard and view based on different roles in the organization

Approval workflow

Creation of workflows based on different tasks for easy approval from supervisors

Employee Engagement

Communicate with employees, feature to ask the HR questions, expense management & surveys

Biometric devices to suit every organization’s needs

A range of options to meet your needs including advanced biometric capabilities such as mask detection, temperature detection and thermal scanning.

Full suite of biometric devices

  • RFID
  • Fingerprint
  • Facial recognition

BYO Devices

  • We can integrate the devices you’re already using
  • Talk to our experts about your specific needs
Simplified, centralized workforce management for all industries

Ideal for verticals with highly diverse and geographically dispersed workforces, learn more about SecurTime benefits for different verticals.

Flexible plans for diverse and distributed workforces

Different work schedules, work arrangements, geographic locations, shift schedules, varying availability, different levels of flexibility, and complex compliance requirements requires a flexible approach.

That’s why we offer flexible plans. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs with one of our experts today.

One-stop service and support
  • Ongoing development and maintenance of hardware and software
  • SLA-based low-cost remote support model
  • L2/L3 support during business hours provides advanced support including updates to firmware, and updates/patches to software done remotely
  • L1 HelpDesk
  • Local support if required
  • Remote management of SecurTime solution
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