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Our handbook for success
We take pride in our partner-centric culture. We partner with industry leaders in technology solutions, system integrators, and biometric device retailers who have similar goals and complementary offerings.
System Integrators

Extend mobile and remote capabilities to your customers by seamlessly integrating with our real-time, SaaS solution. Know More

Technology Partners

Our technology partners broaden our reach with a complete range of solutions that add value to our ecosystem. Know More

Biometric Partners

Our biometric partners deliver facial recognition systems with cutting-edge technology that works accurately and securely. Know More

System Integrators
How fast can you make your clients with on-premise biometric systems go mobile or touch-free?

As a system integrator, you can support configurable software installation onto your existing device to enhance its capabilities.

Help your customers adopt cloud-based time attendance systems without replacing the current biometric systems using ADP SecurTime’s plug-n-play, cloud-based time attendance platform.

Upgrade your device with ADP SecurTime’s contactless, cloud-based time attendance solution equipped with mobile and tablet-based facial recognition systems.

Value to you:
  • No extended integration time
  • Negligible additional system/hardware cost
  • Continue providing value out of your on-premise devices that are already integrated into the IT infrastructure
  • SecurTime will offer remote troubleshooting and support to all its clientele
  • Pay-as-you-go model, which allows your clients to scale as needed. Deploy for the part of a workforce that need to go mobile and touchless – on-cloud or remote
  • End-to-end implementation support and continued remote assistance for the platform
  • Monthly recurring revenue on every employee on board
Value to your customers:
  • Go on-cloud without increasing the load on the infrastructure
  • Meet all requirements and ensure data security – data resides on-cloud with enhanced access control
  • Enable remote clock-in/out, reporting and monitoring
  • Centralized reporting that provisions different levels of access
  • Leverage on the mobile application – utilize facial recognition and geo-tagging for clock-in/out
  • Total cost of ownership reduces by more than 50% over 5 years; making it more cost-effective than other industry-leading time attendance systems
  • Quick implementation and go-live – integration into all existing HRMS/payroll systems
Technology partners
Do you have expertise in creating efficient technology solutions that streamline HR processes?

Partner with us to create, implement, and optimize outstanding solutions that are compatible with our products. Demonstrate your technical expertise by building policy-compliant solutions that enhance user experience and drive mutual growth.

Biometric partners
Do your biometric products imbibe the tech innovations of the future?

Our biometric partners deliver products with advanced biometric features like facial recognition, so that workforce management is made easy. Does your product cater to the dynamic business world of today with easily scalable solutions that have the latest technological innovations?

Join our global partner network
We’re looking for partners who can align with our brand values.