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Simplified, centralized workforce management for all industries
Manage time and attendance issues, optimize employee scheduling, and avoid absence disruptions, all while creating a more efficient and productive workforce.
Ideal for verticals with highly diverse and geographically dispersed workforces

Suffering from the complexity of different work schedules, varied work arrangements, many geographic locations, shift schedules, varying employee availability, different levels of employee flexibility, and complex compliance requirements?

Whichever industry you’re in, we can help.

Easy, out-of-the-box integration with ERP, HR and payroll

Data directly feeds into your HR and payroll systems, reducing errors, admin overhead and simplifying your payroll process.

Simple, easy to use mobile app

Manufacturers with a mix of employees who work full-time, part-time, on rotating shifts, or with on-call schedules often find managing scheduling complicated and time-consuming, especially if the company needs to fill vacancies at short notice.

ADP SecurTime helps you streamline scheduling processes efficiently and manage your dynamic shift schedule, freeing up time and resources for other important tasks

  • Leverage auto shift scheduling to automatically create shift schedules based on employee availability, skill set, and other criteria
  • Prioritize employees with required expertise for a particular manufacturing process, or schedule workers based on their availability or preference for certain shifts
  • Put the right people in the right place at the right time, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of errors or delays
Transport & Logistics

Mobility poses its own set of challenges for workforce management and productivity. ADP SecureTime allows transport and logistics companies the ability to efficiently and effectively manage schedules, absences, productivity, overtime and analytics for 1,000 or more distributed locations

  • Apply geo-fencing to manage your workforce within a defined area
  • Simple tap to mark attendance from anywhere and at anytime
  • Schedule shifts and allocate tasks in real-time
  • Mobile app with geofence to avoid huge capex for small delivery centers
  • Employee group-based policies to track contract employees

ADP SecurTime’s mobile app and GPS-enabled tracking helps monitor the precise time of employee arrivals and departures at checkpoints or depots, accurately recording working hours. Create optimized schedules for drivers, dispatchers and support staff.  Efficiently manage time and attendance issues, optimize resource allocation, and improve resource management to ensure smooth operations

Automate workplace policies with biometrics

Integrate with advanced biometric capabilities such as mask detection, temperature detection, and thermal scanning


Ecommerce companies face fluctuations in staff and rely heavily on an augmented workforce during seasonal periods and times of uncertainty. ADP SecurTime provides valuable insight into and helps you manage different types of workers, fluctuating schedules and the complexity of seasonal shifts.

E-commerce companies often have a large workforce of employees who work in various functions and departments. The nature of the business often means operating on a tight budget and a high employee turnover rate. Sometimes employees take leave of absence without proper approval or failing to submit timesheets on time can lead to payroll issues.

  • Limit maximum days of continuous presence to take care of compliance and enhance productivity
  • Multiple manager support allowing different managers for day/night shifts
  • Implement Payroll Freeze and LOP Reversal policies to improve discipline and reduce the gap between payroll to payment date

Retailers often have multiple stores located across a city, with a large workforce of employees who work in various departments. They typically operate on a tight schedule, so any absence or delay in attendance can cause significant disruption to the store’s operations and customer service.

  • With employee to store mapping using devices and geo-fencing, attendance of employees assigned to a specific store location is only captured when they are within the designated geofence of their store. Employee attendance is captured accurately and there is no risk of overlap with the nearest store.
  • Punch alerts based on shift sends alerts to employees on their mobile devices reminding them to punch in and out at the start and end of their shift.
  • Alerts reduce the likelihood of employees missing punches, recording attendance more accurately and reducing the need for manual regularization efforts by HR personnel.

Retailers can better manage time and attendance issues, reduce their HR admin load, and ensure that the store’s operations and customer service are not disrupted by attendance issues. And by providing employees with an easy-to-use time and attendance system, the company can create a more efficient and productive workforce.

Biometric devices to suit every organization’s needs

A range of options including advanced biometric capabilities such as mask detection, temperature detection and thermal scanning

Banking and financial services

Banking and financial services organizations in India often offer their services to customers in various geographically dispersed locations. Their large workforce of collection and sales employees visits customers to collect payments, disburse loans, and promote financial products. Employees must be present at the designated client locations during their designated hours to maximize customer service and productivity.

ADP SecurTime helps banking and financial services organizations better manage time and attendance issues, optimize employee routes, and maximize customer service and productivity, all while creating a more efficient and productive workforce.

  • Companies can track the location of collection and sales employees via GPS-based geo-tagging, ensuring their presence at the right place, at the right time
  • Geo-tagging also allows managers to monitor employee activity and optimize employee routes for maximum efficiency
  • Organizations can control the access rights of employees based on their role and location, ensuring dynamic employee presence at the branch, city, regional, zonal, and corporate management levels

Healthcare organizations provide a range of services to patients from hospital care, and nursing, to home healthcare services. They have a large workforce of doctors, nurses, support staff, and administrative staff, who work in various departments, and often have complex shift or rostering patterns.

  • Automated shift scheduling helps generate shift schedules automatically, taking into account employee availability, patient needs, and staffing requirements. The right employees are scheduled for the right shifts, minimizing attendance issues and ensuring that patient care is not disrupted.
  • Biometric technology, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, helps track employee attendance, records attendance accurately, reduces the need for manual attendance tracking and minimizes the risk of attendance fraud.
  • Contactless capability is also critically important to workplace hygiene and safety including sanitation, social distancing and psychological safety.
  • Real-time attendance monitoring allows managers to identify attendance issues quickly and take immediate action. Alerts are sent to managers if an employee is absent or late, allowing them to take corrective action and ensure that patient care is not disrupted.

ADP SecurTime also offers shift cut off to identify the prior day night shift and current day shift, on-call tracking for doctor visits beyond shift times and shift rotation to automate rostering for staff to ensure balance between day and night shifts.

Services organizations (IT, ITES, professional services)

Services organizations need to track the time spent by each employee on projects and ensure clients are billed for the correct hours. Shift-based projects need to be staffed appropriately and employees scheduled for correct shifts. Monitoring overtime hours worked is critical to ensure employees are compensated and any compliance requirements are met.

ADP SecurTime project-based time tracking, shift scheduling, and overtime tracking helps IT services and professional services organizations manage time and attendance issues, optimize employee scheduling, and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

  • Project-based time tracking tracks the time that employees spend working on different projects
  • Accurately bill clients for the work done and ensure that employees are paid for the correct hours worked
  • Managers can track employee productivity and identify any issues that may be affecting project timelines
  • Shift scheduling ensures employees are scheduled for the correct shifts and that projects are staffed appropriately to avoid overstaffing or understaffing on different projects and ensure projects are completed on time and within budget
  • Overtime allows managers to monitor the number of overtime hours worked by employees ensuring they are compensated for their extra hours. Organizations can identify any employees regularly working overtime and address any workload issues
Secure. Accurate. Compliant.

Better visibility into your distributed workforce. Stop time leakage, time fraud and ghost employees

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