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Securtime’s cloud-based, plug-n-play solution allows your organization to cater to remote, on-premise, and feet-on-street workforce. Go on-cloud without additional investments to your infrastructure. Our pay-as-you-go model, allows you to scale as needed.

All your employee information on a single platform with the following modules:

Attendance Management

Transparent, end-to-end productivity data of all employees


Create unlimited shift schedules and easily upload and publish shift rosters

Leave Management

Apply and approve leaves on-the-go, define leave and workflow policies for different employee groups

Overtime Management

Change work hours and create overtime policies for specific employee groups


Capture accurate time tracking data against clients, projects, and activities

Role-based dashboards

Different dashboard and view based on different roles in the organization

Approval workflow

Creation of workflows based on different tasks for easy approval from supervisors

Employee Engagement

Communicate with employees, feature to ask the HR questions, expense management & surveys

We have a plethora of biometric devices to
suit every organization’s needs.

SecurAX i101

A fully integrated fingerprint reader with time attendance management solution for automated device and data management.

SecurAX i300

Face, fingerprint, RFID-based biometric reader for time attendance and access control applications.

SecurAX i402

Face, fingerprint, RFID card-based biometric reader for time attendance and access control. With built-in battery backup, GPRS and WiFi, it is suitable for all kinds of work locations

MiniAC Plus

Time attendance terminal with visible light facial recognition with anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack


Time attendance terminal with visible light facial recognition with anti-spoofing algorithm against photos, video attack and 3D mask attack


Wireless Facial Recognition attendance terminal which supports communication protocols like Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and Bluetooth

SpeedFace V5L Series

Intelligent engineering facial recognition and latest computer vision technology for facial and palm verification, temperature and mask detection

FaceDepot 8AL

Facial and palm verification with large capacity with speed< 0.3s per face. Body temperature detection and masked individual identification. Anti-spoofing ability against almost all types of fake photos and video attacks.

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