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Cloud-based real-time attendance and
workforce management solution
Get the most out of your employees.

Designed to curb inefficiencies, SecurTime enables organizations to tap the true potential of workforce management. Centralized, transparent data with real-time tracking allows hassle-free workforce management with the spirit of fairness.

Time Attendance

User-friendly self-service functions for employees enable real-time reporting, maximizing labour efficiency. The web-based timekeeping system allows managers to control labour costs and make decisions in real time.

Workforce Management

By automating mundane HR tasks, managers can reduce workflow redundancies and create greater efficiencies in the organization. The technology alleviates the burden on the HR team, allowing them to put their resources into increasing employee engagement.

Value Proposition
As a real-time SaaS solution, SecurTime integrates with all payroll/HRMS systems and biometric systems without any dependance on hardware devices. With personalized attendance/absence management, employees and their supervisors get convenient access to timesheets and costing.

Tailored for every organization, SecurTime minimizes payroll leakages and enhances workforce productivity.
Get the SecurTime advantage

Built for the evolving global workforce, SecurTime provides a single view on performance, productivity, cost and compliance of the workforce in real time. The SaaS-based, cloud-led solution enables you to save substantial infrastructure costs and time and it goes wherever you go. 

Accessible anywhere, anytime
Pay-as-you-go pricing model
Scalable and secure
Automated reports, alerts and analytics
Automate workplace rules with biometrics

Integrate with fingerprint-based and facial recognition biometric systems

Enhanced workforce productivity
Minimized payroll leakages with traceability
Easy realization of attendance to payroll/HRMS
Transparency in salary payouts
Customer Impact
employees covered
Automated Payroll with Accurate Leave Information for an e-commerce giant
12 Cr Annual Payroll Savings
Centralized Field Force Productivity Tracking for a microfinance enterprise
7% Productivity Improvement
Distributed Workforce Management & Tracking for an engineering & construction company
10% Overtime Cost Reduction
Evolution of time attendance systems and its impact on modern organizations

The modern time attendance and workforce management software that you see today is the result of a long transformational journey. In this blog, we delve into the evolution of time attendance software. Having said that, it’s not just about the evolution; it is more about why today’s state-of-the-art time attendance systems are a high-priority and how they can put organizations ahead of the curve.

The rise of biometrics adoption in industries

Ever since man came into being, identifying humans and their cohorts has been a necessity. This is why slaves were branded with irons to ‘mark’ them in for identification of their status in society and to whom they belonged. Today, we use biometrics as the branding iron for identification of human beings.

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